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Louise Bailey is the manager of Distant Horizons. She has over 27 years experience in the travel business and has visited, together with her husband, 61 countries (we have added Sao Tome and Morocco recently). She remains an avid traveller and is very passionate about her work. She loves to discuss ideas and options with her clients aiming to pinpoint the perfect itinerary to suit their tastes, aspirations, time and budget. Her goal is to send them on a journey which will be extraordinary and memorable.

Adventure, wildlife, sports, scenery, expeditions, trekking, culture, history, cruising, relaxation, beach, desert, city life, nightlife, cuisine, local immersion, road trips, phenomena, festivals, voluntourism. These are just some of the ingredients that can be woven into the holiday to make it a unique, personal and unforgettable experience.

As Louise always tells her clients: your only limits are time, budget and imagination. There are no other boundaries. As the saying goes... The world is really and truly your oyster.
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