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Welcome to our Destinations page. Here we want to whet your appetite for the different countries and what they have to offer.


Rather than just give you a list of destinations we have suggested some activities which might appeal to you. The idea is rather than thinking about a country and then seeing what to do, you can think of the various activities you would like to do during your holiday and then choose the destination accordingly!


However, we would like to emphasise that you have absolute flexibility with your itinerary. We can organise any combination of destinations or countries according to your wishes. No itinerary is too difficult. This is why we feel it is so important that we meet face to face. The possibilities are endless even when you have chosen a destination. Only by determining your reactions to various suggestions will it be possible to organise an itinerary that best suits your requirements. Our first-hand travel experience in many of these destinations (63 countries and counting) can also contribute to maximizing your goals and enjoyment.

Below are some popular activities and suggestions on where you can travel in order to experience them.

Safaris We love wildlife and open spaces so one of our favourite activities are Safaris. They are also popular with our clients (perhaps because we give them a bit of a nudge :-)). South Africa is an excellent destination for a first-time safari and if you are a wine lover you are going to the right country too! Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Namibia and Botswana are also Safari destinations.

Cruising With over 20,000 cruise ships travelling to over 2000 destinations world-wide you are really spoilt for choice. New ships are coming out every year and keeping abreast of these newcomers and what they offer is part of our job. Again we can tailor the right cruise for you depending on your wishes. Do you have children, will it be multigenerational, are you honeymooners are you a solo traveller, do you have special needs? We can also help you with speciality cruises - from Disney cruises, river cruises and food and wine-themed cruises to Arctic expeditions! Of course, if you have flown to a faraway place to join your cruise you should make an effort to see one (or more) of the neighbouring countries and we will organise this for you too!

Food! Food tours can easily be incorporated into your itinerary in so many countries - Vietnam, Japan, Italy, Thailand - the list goes on and on.

Trekking Although you may not want to spend your whole holiday tramping around a country if you like outdoor activities it is easy to add in a short trek. So many countries have amazing scenery and we feel you appreciate so much more if you are actually immersed in it rather than just driving through (or just stick to the cities). We can organise treks lasting a day or two to weeks!

Cities Of course, cities are everywhere and with their history, culture, different cuisines, energy and people (and shopping opportunities of course :-)) are always very popular. However, there is no harm in getting out to see some nearby attractions. We can suggest and book literally hundreds of tours in different cities all over the world.

Beaches A perennial favourite. Who doesn't think of a clear blue sea, fine sandy beaches fringed by palm trees when thinking about a vacation. You may not want to spend your whole holiday relaxing by a pool on a beach but a few days are certainly something to look forward to!

Adventure  What is an adventure? For us it is anything that takes you out of your comfort zone - and we can suggest plenty of activities which will do that for you! Bungee jumping, white water rafting, sky and scuba diving etc. Remember that adventures are not just activities for adrenalin junkies. Just going to a country with different customs, language, religion is an adventure in itself. Even trying new food is adventurous. Fried locusts anyone?

Solo Travel Travelling alone is not as unusual as you may think. Intrepid Travel, for whom we are the local agents, says that up to 50% of their clients are solo travellers, so much so that they organise solo-traveller-only trips to Morocco, Bali, Cuba, India, Sri Lanka and more!

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