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Adventutre Cruising


CRUISE THE NILE! The Nile. One of the longest rivers in the world and one of the most iconic. It is Egypt's lifeline running from South to North through the entire country. 95% of all Egyptians live within a few kilometres of the river.

Cruise on the Nile and you sail into history. You feel and see it all around you. Sailing is the most relaxing way to go and only by boat can you see some of the archaeological sites as they were meant to be seen. Discover the largest and most impressive pharaonic temples. Explore the fascinating cities of Aswan and Luxor and even Alexandria on longer itineraries.

A Nile cruise is a popular way to visit Upper Egypt. It is really de-stressing to be able to unpack only once and have your "floating hotel" travel with you rather going on a non-stop hectic itinerary moving from place to place which happens with land tours. Besides the relaxed mode of travel, a Nile cruise tends to visit a wide range of antiquities along the banks of the river.

In  Luxor, you can take the balloon trip of a lifetime to see the Nile river valley, Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings from your vantage point high in the sky!

Itineraries  including Cairo highlights, Alexandria, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheik can easily be organised.

ADVENTURE CRUISING WITH INTREPID TRAVEL Do you feel daunted at the prospect of going on a cruise with thousands of other passengers? Would you prefer a more intimate cruise where the emphasis is on a more friendly, cosy atmosphere? Would you prefer more interaction with the locals at your destination ports rather than that insulated feeling one has sitting on a bus with a large group of other passengers being transferred from point to point?


Intrepid uses smaller vessels that allow docking in out-of-the-way ports, often right in the centre of town. The cruises are limited to up to 50 guests and the boats have a maximum of 25 rooms. This results in a small group atmosphere and more personal service. In port you do not end up outnumbering the locals unlike when a large passenger ship is in harbour. Once you disembark, the local leaders are always on hand to show you the best local hot spots. You get to know the locals, rather than feel you have invaded them! The on board menu is tailored to reflect the flavors of the destination you’re in (90% of the ingredients are obtained from local producers).


Do something different. Take an Intrepid cruise! More information can be found in this linktravel agency malta honeymoon travel specialist 

RIVER CRUISING THROUGH EUROPE AND BEYOND WITH AMAWATERWAYS is an excellent way to discover local culture and sights. After taking one of the daily shore excursions (included in the fare), whether this is a trip to a nearby town, an organised walk in the area where the boat is docked, or even a cycling tour, you just hop back on your river cruise ship and sail to the next stunning city or charming town! Also included in the fares is all dining on board (including The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant); fine wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner; internet access and Wi-Fi; and bicycles that you can use to explore on your own or join our guided bike tours.

AmaWaterways was recently recognised by travel authority Berlitz for having the top ten rated river cruise ships out of 310 reviewed based on accommodation, dining, service and other on board features.

Sample cruises include:

- Tulip Time

- Romantic Danube

- Colours of Provence

- Blue Danube Serenade

- Gems of South East Europe

- Captivating Rhine

- Magical Christmas Markets

- Enticing Douro

And further afield:

- Riches of the Mekong

- Rivers and Rails of Africa

If any of these cruises appeal to you, contact us for more information or for details of other AmaWaterways cruises in Europe, Africa and the Far East.

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