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South Africa
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'Collect memories and moments, not things'

Distant Horizons Ltd is a boutique travel agency specialising in tailor-made holidays and honeymoons to exotic and unusual destinations. Creativity, attention to detail, communication, rapport, individuality, seamlessness, country specific travel advice and detailed information.... these are the keywords at Distant Horizons which will ultimately realise your unique travel experience.

Some of our Destinations

Everywhere Else!

World Map showing some of the destinations Distant Horizons Malta can send clients

The Arctic 




South Pacific



And Everywhere Else!!

Distant Horizons: 'Good morning, how can I help you?'


Client: 'Good morning, we would like to discuss our next holiday with you'.'


Distant Horizons: 'Where would you like to go?'


Client: (exclaiming excitedly) '....Everywhere... !!'


Distant Horizons: 'No problem at all, we can send you anywhere!'


Your journey starts here... your dream holiday. There are no boundaries...the world is really and truly your oyster. 

What is an adventure for you?

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What exactly does adventure mean? It is a frequently used word which certainly means different things to different people. Each person will have their own opinion on what constitutes an adventure to them. That is part of the beauty of adventure.  


How do we define adventure? For us, it is stepping out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself with new experiences and taking some degree of risk, no matter how small. You need to feel butterflies in your stomach, either from excitement and even some fear! So we can say there are two key features of adventure. The first is the unknown. The less you know what the outcome of an activity will be, the more adventurous it is. The second feature of adventure is fear. Anything adventurous entails a little bit of fear and sometimes a lot of it!


Going on an adventure means breaking down your internal barriers. We should look forward to getting that odd feeling of fear and excitement before our next adventure because it means we are challenging our limits.


So why do something adventurous if it takes you out of your comfort zone? After all we usually, but not always (Bilbo is a good example) have to actively look for adventure. Because being adventurous requires an attitude of mind whereby challenging yourself, pushing the limits of what you think you are capable of and extending those limits, is enormously satisfying. Perhaps the phrase ‘young at heart’ just means that someone is open to new adventures. For small children, every day is an adventure as it brings something new into their lives.

Most people would consider throwing themselves out of a plane or leaping from a platform with a bungee cord tied around their ankles as pretty adventurous but one doesn’t have to go to such extremes. For many people, the fear factor would overshadow the benefits of such an activity.  Every day has the potential to be an adventurous one. Taking the bus to work instead of driving, trying a new supermarket, making an effort have a conversation with someone at work you don’t usually talk to can all be considered adventurous activities.

Travel provides so many opportunities for adventure. Just the anticipation of boarding a plane bound for a new destination, mixing with strangers from other cultures and perhaps attempting to communicate in another language are exciting. That is one of the reasons travel is so popular. It gives you a great opportunity to push the limits of what you feel you are capable of, whether it is doing some activity - not necessarily sky diving - a walk through a local market will also do just as well :-), experiencing different cultures and tasting new food.

And to top it off a vacation gives you a chance to savour these new experiences as you relax in the evening, perhaps with a drink in hand as you chat to new friends about the day's experiences.

We hope our website will encourage you to plan an adventure with us :-)

Wherever you want to travel. Whatever you want to do. We are there for you.

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