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Japan in the Fall

Japan is currently a very popular destination. Many travellers try and go in the cherry blossom season. However, one can also experience the enchanting beauty of Japan in the fall, where the landscape comes alive with an amazing display of autumn foliage. From the vibrant reds of maple trees to the golden tones of ginkgo leaves, you can immerse yourself in an enchanting palette of colours whether in the countryside or a large city. One can take a walk-through Kyoto's peaceful temples, where the serene atmosphere is complemented by the fiery hues of the trees. Explore Tokyo's neighbourhoods, where parks and gardens offer a peaceful retreat among the soring skyscrapers Whether you're admiring the scenery from a scenic train ride or enjoying a peaceful hike through nature, Japan in the fall promises an unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking colours around every corner (photo Distant Horizons malta)

Bridge and Autumn Foliage Temple Kyoto
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