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Why do many people have the misconception that cruising is for old people?

When I mention a cruise to honeymooners or a young couple many times I get a look of disdain and some mumbled words to the effect that cruises are for old fuddy-duddies. First we should take a step back and define old people. For youngsters anyone over 40 is old!! In the back of my mind I am also saying “OK, let’s see what age they are going to say old is. If they say over 50 I’ll soon give them a mouthful” (I am 53 J). I can attest to the fact that there are many “old people” out there who are much more active and sprightly than people half their age. Older cruisers also have amazing stories to tell about their experiences.

I always ask why they have this impression. Most can’t really explain and just shrug their shoulders. Sometimes they have been misinformed or perhaps know someone who got bored as they were probably not sold a suitable cruise.

There are over 30,000 different cruises to choose from calling in at about 2,000 cruise destinations around the world. About 75 cruise companies operate roughly 350 ocean-going cruise ships, not to mention over 1,000 river ships. So getting back to the original comment that cruises are for old people, there are ships that are more suited to honeymooners, ships that are family orientated, adult only cruises, expedition cruises, theme and special cruises, Around-the-World cruises, coastal cruises etc… The list is endless…

I am sure that there is a cruise out there just waiting for you and our task is to find it….

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