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The word comes from “kick the bucket” which is basically a list of things to do before you die. We don’t have to be so morbid as that and should say it’s a list of things we’d like to do whilst enjoying life! So, what’s on your list? For many people the “big guns” come to mind: climbing Kilimanjaro, hiking a famous trek, rafting down the Zambezi, etc… but for other people it could be something like touching an elephant, visiting the Sistine Chapel or a famous art gallery, walking in the jungle or seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat for the first time. To attempt an activity on your “bucket list” means getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself physically and/or mentally. Even travelling to the destination is sometimes an adventure in itself so no matter how big or small the items on your list; they are your own personal and unique challenges. So, start now and set pen to paper (or in these times start tapping on your mobile!) and start compiling your “bucket list” (unless you already have one!) and contact Distant Horizons. We will help you tick off those boxes ever so quickly… and just in case you run out of ideas we have hundreds to tempt you with…

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