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Travel and Vaccination!

One of the most common questions asked when travelling abroad concerns vaccination. Depending on the country requirements will vary. Also the situation may change with time. It is therefore very important to have up to date information. One of the best web sites is the one operated by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), the leading national public health institute of the United States which is however aimed at American nationals.

We would also strongly recommend that you also contact the National Immunisation Service Centre at the Flori​ana Health Centre (if you are residing in Malta) which offers comprehensive advice to travellers and has a vaccination service.

Here are the instructions on how to avail yourselves of the information on the CDC website:

Press on the appropriate letter e.g. ‘T for Thailand’.

Press ‘Thailand’

On the page you will find vaccination information for the country, including vaccination in specific circumstances e.g. travelling with the children (there is a tick box on the left hand side) as well as more general information e.g. 'Healthy Travel Packing List'.

You should think about vaccinations well before your trip - even three to six months.

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